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Young people have amazing dreams.

It’s high school students like Michael, a sophomore who seeks to become a Psychologist, David, a junior who aspires to become an attorney, or Mark, a senior who seeks to become a Mechanical Engineer. Young people such as Michael, David, and Mark have so much potential.

But the opportunity is limited.

We live in a world where opportunity depends on the type of education, an area which you live, or your socio-economic status. The opportunity is limited for young people who live in inner-city and rural communities. Thus, the chances for them to success is very slim.

Let's show them the possibility!

When we create a space for young people to develop the skills necessary for the workforce while at the same time help them find their inner voice, we show that their dreams can become a possibility.

Here’s what we do.

We prepare young people for the professional workforce. Through a series of workshops, professional development coaching, and community-center events we provide youth ages 14-18 a central space to craft their skill and professional development both online and face-to-face.

We need your help.

Our goal is to reach 1000 young people by 2022. And with your help, we can accomplish our goal because you believe in empowering the next generation of leaders. Investing in us will ensure young people in both urban and rural communities across Ohio and Nebraska have a chance to succeed.

Youth are worth the investment!

The return on investing in a young person’s life outweighs than fixing one. It’s good for business when we give youth the skills needed to fill the careers of tomorrow. Join us in investing in 1000 dreams to provide endless opportunities. 


Where will your donation go towards?


Educational Workshops.

Together, we can work with and train a younger and larger audience. 


Youth Professional Development. 

Help us expand learning outside the classroom and offer professional tools to obtain the careers of tomorrow.




Networking Events. 

Provide free events for young people to connect and learn from professionals from their community.