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Here's why we should be more like Donté Gibbs.

Donte Gibbs is currently a fellow at The George Gund Foundation, a private nonprofit institution that aims to contribute to improving the well being of people and progress society. Before then, Donte worked primarily with youth and helped eighty-nine, to be exact, become published authors. I had the chance to sit down with him to learn about his life, current work, and tips for you to consider.

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This explains why George Suttles is doing great work in philanthropy.

Meet George Suttles. Program Officer for the John A. Hartford Foundation, a national healthcare philanthropy aiming to improve care for older adults. Long-term, George hopes to seize an executive level position in philanthropy. If that doesn't work out, he hopes to be on a boat somewhere living a simple life and writing poetry (Talk about goals!).

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Upcoming Seniors: What you need to know.

As you’re getting ready to enter the final year of high school take time to celebrate. You’ve earned it! The hardest year is already behind you (junior year) and now it's a cake walk. You just need to make it to the finish line. There’s prom, graduation, and a year of memories to be made. As a proud graduate who’s heading to Harvard this fall, I’m here to give you some of my thoughts to slay your senior year with style!

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