Christian Crawford is our leader of hope. Read why.


The Hope for the Journey sits down with our Alabama Executive Director, Christian Crawford, for the first episode of their podcast to talk about being an agent of hope, how to bridge the gap between ability and opportunity, and ways we can hold out a hand of hope to lift others up.

Our Alabama division was established earlier this year to expand our work to make an impact on the lives of young people in areas that may be put into situations that put them at a disadvantage. Crawford explains why we want to help empower them to be leaders in their community with the help of networking.

“We know there’s an opportunity gap and we want to bridge that gap- between the current and the future workforce. [And] we need community partners to make that happen. [Our organization] wants to show students in both the inner cities and in suburban areas that opportunity is available for you.”

Executive Director Crawford also adds the impact networking has played in his personal life.

“I’ve been in many areas of my life where networking has literally changed my life. We want to make sure that if students are not getting an opportunity, our organization says you can and this is how you do it.”

To listen to the full podcast, click below.


Note: Part of this podcast episode was dedicated to our Alabama division and another to our executive director and his life.

Anthony Price