19 of the world’s top companies. 150 students from elite colleges. You should read this.

Last week, I had the opportunity of attending LEDA’s (L.eadership E.nterprise for a Di.verse A.merica) 4 day Career Institute at Brown University. 19 companies including: Google, IBM, Goldman Sachs, CAA, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. Traveling from many areas across the nation, 150 college students represented  some of the top colleges and universities: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Wesleyan, Georgetown- just to name a few.

Credits: LEDA

Credits: LEDA


I took notes and thought I’d shared them with you.

*Note: These are notes not in their entirety-rather written to be clear and succinct for you. All companies from the conference are not included in this article. Additionally, this is a lot of information. 4 days worth of notes. Read with caution.

Tip: Choose the company that you’re most interested in.

Ropes & Gray: Legal Overview
1300 attorneys.  1271 staff members.  #1 firm in overall diversity. #5 for the best law firm to work for.  Big firms consist of litigation, labor and employment, private equity, sports and health care law

Biggest improvement needed in the legal profession?                                                                     The composition of diversity.                                                                                                            

What should I consider if I want to be a lawyer?
Stay open to the practice of law. Hours can be unpredictable. Salary are 6 figures including a 5 figure bonus at the end of the year.  

Opportunities for Law Students:
Boston Lawyers 1L Diversity Program (Internship)
NY Bar Association Diversity Fellow
Roscoe Timmer Jr. Diversity Scholarship

C-Suite Coach @CSuiteCoach
Creating success for millennial development.

What companies should I seek for?
That has a plan for diversifying their leadership. They’re active in eliminating bias in hiring and promoting talent. And offer programming and training to support marginalized groups.

What’s should be my responsibility as I move throughout my career?
1) Identify measurable outcomes/goals 2) quantify impact  3)Engage in philanthropy

Interview Tips: Mr. Stephen D’ Antonio, Retired Global Chief Health Operating Officer at Morgan Stanley
What should I do during my greeting/introduction?
Project your voice and have excitement, interest, and passion.

How should my appearance look?
Tailor your voice tone and body language.

Your resume:

  1. Know everything you have listed on your resume

  2. Be prepared to respond to the gaps of your resume in a clear and succinct way

  3. Considering your weaknesses

    1. Take a skill, experience, or knowledge you have learned or improve and clearly state what and how you’ve done to improve it

The "do you have any questions for me?" question. 

  1. Always have questions to show your interest: at least one

  2. The END

    1. End that same way you’ve introduce yourself

    2. Ask for a business card

    3. Important tip

      1. If the interview ends early: thank the interviewer for their time and that you’re very interested in the position

      2. If the interview ends late, thank the interviewer for their time and that you would love an offer

Steps to take into consideration:

  1. Prepare written answers to all the questions to a) your resume and b) general

  2. Read them. Read them again-but aloud

  3. Talk through your answers

  4. Practice with friends and colleagues

Morgan Stanley: Feedback- Preparation, Receiving, Requesting it  

Preparing for a feedback conversation:
Review your goals. Be prepared to talk about: accomplishments, strengths, areas for development. Be open.

In the moment of receiving feedback:
Be aware of your body language. Ask clarifying questions (Paraphrase what you hear). Avoid being defensive.

Implementing and utilizing feedback:
Be specific. Target your audience. Follow through on the comments you’ve received.

Goldman Sachs: Tips on your career
How can I assess my career fit?

  1. Think about what you want to do next (internship, job, etc.)

    1. Research the opportunity Position yourself

  2. Build a bridge between what you like to do and your skillset that goes along with it

  3. Practice: Continually learn

  4. Perform

What should I consider when navigating internship opportunities?
Be clear. Ask. Seek career services advice. Over communicate (be very clear what you want)

What can I do to create my Personal Board of Directors:
Determine who would fall under each category:
Personal Advisor  
Sounding Board (person who’s willing to just listen)
Political Decoder (understands what it takes behind the scene)
Role Model
Advocate (who’s able to advocate on your behalf) 
Ethical guide (able to assist you on whether the opportunity is ethical/falls under your passion).

IBM: Building your personal brand
3 pillars of leadership:

  1. Impactful

    1. How can you make an impact?

  2. Influential

    1. Whom do you want to influence?

  3. Inspiring

    1. Who inspires you and in what ways can you inspire others?

Tips to build your brand:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Communicate
    1. How can I start?

    2. How will you express your thinking?

  3. resence

    1. How will you present yourself?

  4. minence

    1. What do you want to be known for?

    2. Declare your commitment

    3. Build diverse networks and develop relationships

    4. share you knowledge and experience

    5. Values

Take a moment to answer the following questions:

    • I want to be known for?

    • What current project is challenging me?

    • What are new things that I learned in the last 90 days?

    • Who have I added to my network in the past three months?

    • Which leadership skill do I want to develop in the next 12 weeks?

Capital One


  1. Focus on long-term goals. If you fail. fail fast

  2. Plan ahead, but be patient.

  3. Accept help and pay it forward

  4. Stay open to new opportunities

What characteristics do you look for in an applicant?

  1. Maturity

  2. Personality

  3. Grit

Ideas 42
Use insights from behavioral science to design solutions to solve the world’s most challenging problems

85 team members in 4 offices. Located in almost every continent. Work in various domains.

What’s your method to solving problems?

  1. Define 2. Diagnose 3. Design 4. Test 5. Scale

What are you looking for in a candidate?
One who’s want to make a positive impact in the world

Are there any particular qualities?
Mission-aligned.  Self starter. Analytical. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Commitment to high quality output. And academic excellence.

What’s your core values?

  • Do good

  • Spirit of generosity

  • Playfulness

  • Rigo

  • Ownership

  • Behavioral lens

  • Tenacity

    Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
    Headquartered in L.A. A leading entertainment agency representing professionals

What are you looking for in a candidate?

  • Curiosity

  • Passionate about pop culture

  • Self-motivated

  • Entrepreneurial Drive

  • Have customer service skills

Internships available to college juniors and seniors here.

Takeaway advice from the conference?
Top 3 concerns choosing a career:

  1. Level of impact

  2. Growth in skill and professional development

  3. Stability


  1. Don’t attempt to take too many opportunities

  2. Identify your particular focus

    1. Accept the opportunities that align with your goals

      1. Take a singular focus on your goals

  3. Be deliberate about your opportunities

  4. Develop a Board of Directors

    1. These should be individuals you trust, peers you emulate, and mentees.


  1. Vault Guide

    1. Platform providing top internships

  2. Idealists.com

    1. Connecting people who want to do good with opportunities for action and collaboration

  3. Internships.com

    1. Largest internship marketplace for students, employers, and higher education institutions and help students and young professionals find the right internship to kick start their career.  

You’ve read enough. Take a deep breath. Start applying.


Anthony Price