We're a nonprofit making a difference. 


"Let's train and empower young people to be leaders today to ensure their communities are thriving tomorrow. "  

- Founder                                    


What is the problem?

Young people are not prepared to thrive in tomorrow’s sectors.

  • 1 in 4 people currently are unable to communicate effectively.

  • 85% of today’s jobs are filled through an established connection.

  • Only 43% of employers feel new job entrants are work-force ready.

Imagine the endless opportunities and training young people can receive.  

What exactly do we do?


We help young people become workforce ready.

Through our professional development curriculum, we help youth, ages 14 to 18:

  1. Develop soft and practical skills.

  2. Find and obtain internship and job opportunities.

  3. Foster professional relationships with various career experts.


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